Who are we?

Provcon is active in the Belgium and the Netherlands (BeNe) packaging industry for about 30 years. We are very known with the USERS of * packaging, packaging machines, robots, peripherals, services, packaging items and food processing & handling equipment. This knowledge of the sales market offers Provcon as a service to foreign companies to explore the market in the Netherlands and Belgium and do business. We have the contact details of those producers / packers, the geographical location, the involved people, their market segment and thus knowledge of the method of packing. We can help you to communicate with the targeted companies by e-mail or Direct Mail action.

Provcon is the specialist in Belgium and the Netherlands in food and non-food and both qualitatively (which market/”niche” has which demand?) and quantitative (number of companies, who and where?). We are also acquainted with the existing providers *, we know your competition and often know who is operating where. For your company important to know if you want to gain a position for yourself in the BeNe market. And this is exactly where Provcon can help you. For example: Finding a suitable trading partner, investigating your market opportunities, making contacts or helping you find a qualified (temporary) salesperson.

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Profile A: We are a Producer (NOT situated in Belgium or the Netherlands)

Profile B: We search for a producer which we can represent in our local market