Welcome ! Who are we?

proVcon was founded in 2001 and has highly specialized market data. In other words, we know most of the producing and packing companies in the Benelux. Interesting for you as a supplier of equipment or materials to start-up or boost your sales in the Netherlands and Belgium.

You can hire a person for this area but that is most of the time too expensive, you can find a reseller/agent but that highers your sales price too much and it will take time before you achieve results. But you can also hire proVcon and take advantage out of our unique 9-step Acquisition concept.

For a fixed start-up investment, you become the owner of the market data gained by us specially for you. After that we can do a monthly follow up or you can do it your own. Of course, our services are tailor-made and we finetune them completely to your needs. If you want to make a start in this interesting market (Holland and Belgium) than contact us so we can hear exactly what you want, what we can do for you and what the costs are.

See 9-step Acquisition concept.