Sales and SWOT Service

Sales, SWOT and Business Opportunity Service

So you are a manufacturer of packaging, robots, packaging machines, materials, peripherals, packaging items or (food)processing & handling equipment. Your ambition is to do business in Europe and you want to start in Belgium and the Netherlands (BeNe).

How can we help your company in achieving its goals?

  1. You can join the Business Opportunity Meetings which are planned to take place in Shanghai, Chicago and Praha at the end of 2020.
  2. Or we can provide you in a tailer made SWOT-analyse specific composed for you products, market and personal demands.

But FIRST of all we do need to get to know you and your company better. What your company does, what your production possibilities are and perhaps your Unique Selling Points. If we have an insight into your needs and what you want to achieve in the market here then proVcon can help you further. being a sounding board for your management. This Business Opportunity Service can mean for you:

  • Making a thorough SWOT analyse report. After having your input we are able to assess your Strength (S) and Weaknesses (W) and provide a substantiated insight into your Opportunities (O) and threats (T).
  • Being a confident for you and discussing your market approach.
  • Providing you with the potential market size, segments and companies.
  • Communicate your company and possibilities to the these companies and persons in our e-mail newsletter (4.500 Personal e-mails of decision makers and buyers)
  • Helping finding you a fitting trading partner. OR:
  • If you want to do business by yourself/directly then proVcon can be your point of contact on the local market here which speaks the local language.