Profile A

Profile A: We are a Producer

So you are a manufacturer of packaging, packaging machines, robots, peripherals, services, packaging items or food processing & handling equipment. Your ambition is to do business in Europe and want to start in Belgium and the Netherlands (BeNe). proVcon knows the people, buyers and decision makers within the food and non-food producers in the Netherlands and Belgium very well. So for you a potential business opportunity.

How do we help you? We organize in Shanghai, Chicago and Praha Business Opportunity Meetings. So intended for you as producer who do not have sales in Europe but who is interested in doing so.

This meeting gives you an insight into the methods of packing, the machines, the way of doing business and what the Dutch and Belgian packers expect from a supplier. This means for your company a good preparation in designing or defining your machine or packaging and assessing your market opportunities.

We can also provide you in a custom made personal business advice here in Amsterdam or at your location. We do like to get know you better, what your company does and what your production possibilities are. If we have insight into your needs and what you want to achieve then proVcon can help you on :

  1. Changing minds and being a sounding board for your management.
  2. Making a thorough SWOT report. After having your input we are able to assess your Strength (S) and Weaknesses (W) and provide a substantiated insight into your Opportunities (O) and threats (T).
  3. Finding an appropriate trading partner for you in Belgium or the Netherlands.
  4. Or elsewhere in Europe we can finding a partner.
  5. If you want to do business directly from your own country proVcon can be your point of contact on the market here.